Feeling Blue

Ok so, two things: 1. This title is totally misleading I'm not THAT upset at being at home all on my own and 2. Please, please, PLEASE excuse the terrible photography. As previously mentioned, there is no one about to take my photo so I've had to do it all on my own. It's tough being a lone wolf. So don't be mean :(

I love matching the tone of a whole outfit so that it all works together well. Being a redhead, blue is an obvious choice for me at all times, works with my skin tone and compliments hair and eyes. This shirt is a new Penneys bargain, from the sale for only €5! I bought it a few sizes up as i like my shirts to be nice and baggy, and then tuck them into jeans, shorts or skirts. Coloured jeans are a great addition to any wardrobe, they bring a bit of life into an outfit and I find them great to brighten up a gloomy day. These are from H&M while living in its homeland, Sweden and they did me well throughout the cold winter days there. I think the shirt and jeans work well for a simple casual outfit, and with my good old Birkenstocks it's also really comfy. Gold accents finish it off with some vintage and highstreet pieces.
Shirt ~ Penneys
Jeans ~ H&M
Shoes ~ Birkenstock
Long chain ~ Accessorize
Medium chain ~ Vintage
Short chain ~ Vintage
Watch ~ Guess