Princess Jasmine feels

Rogue doggy getting in the over the shoulder pose.

So much yay for Bank Holidays! Sunday Fundays are the best, especially when its actually acceptable to celebrate. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to properly photography this outfit so these are the best I could do! As you can see my hair is exceptionally longer than in other post; these are my Hairspray extensions. I have had these for so long and they are still in almost mint condition. Its so hard to find good extensions to match my hair colour and these are just spot on! I bought them from the Hairspray store on Henry St in Dublin, they have more stores in the Dublin area and I would definitely recommend them, the staff are so helpful! As you can see I have my faithful matte lipstick on, this one is Sephora Rouge in Crush. My eyeshadow is from the Urban Decay Shattered Face Case, which I LOVE. It has 5 eyeshadows, blush, highlighter, a lip pencil and eyeliner. Urban Decay is my go to forever for eyeshadow, the pigment is amazing and the colours are gorgeous. I have about 7 Urban Decay palettes, and this is the only one which is not just exclusively eye shadow which I really like. 
The pants and off the shoulder top are both from Penneys, the pants are quite old but this is actually the first time I've worn them! I could never quite put them together, but this off the shoulder crop is just perfect with them. Between the pants and the top and the hair and the head chain, I really felt like a ginger Princess Jasmine! I'm such a fan of head chains or "head-swag", they can totally change a whole outfit , giving it a different vibe; more boho or exotic. The rings and bangles are currently in Penneys for about €5 for each set, I really like how well they go together. These shoes are years old, honestly I can't even remember where I got them! I have a niggling feeling it was somewhere like Korkys or Wacky Shoes, but you know with my age the memories not the best! Handbag was a great sale bargain from Monki, it is such a handy bag to have, it goes with almost every outfit, and I love slogan anything and this one suits it so well.