Luscious Locks

 I've been using Mane n' Tail shampoo and conditioner in the hope that my hair would grow into Rapunzel type locks in the space of a few weeks, and though I noticed a little growth I don't actually like the way my hair feels after it, not as soft or manageable as I'd hoped. I will go back to Mane n' Tail at some point but I decided to take a break and use the beautifully smelling Aussie Miracle Moist. Seeing as I am trying desperately to grow my hair out its been a while since my last haircut (slap on the wrist I know), and that combined with blow drying and GHD-ing my tips aren't at their best. So fingers crossed the shampoo and conditioner help me out, and these Henna and Keratin hair masks can't hurt either. I haven't used these masks before so I'm looking forward to trying them out, fingers crossed for a good result!