Green with (tartan) Envy

Oh Autumn, how I love you. I can't say it enough, Autumn and Winter are 100% my favourite seasons. The trees changing colour, the leaves falling, the weather getting cold, coat season! Whats not to love. I have WAY too many coats, as in I have a problem. This one is one of my favourites, its tartan, its oversized and its vintage. It's just really my kinda coat. And even better, I bought it in Oxfam for a tenner. I mean, where would i be going leaving that behind in the shop! Its perfect for inbetween weather, add a scarf and you're ready for anything mother nature throws at you; and how amazingly does it match the leaves?! I went all green and red this day, with green leggings and my little red socks inside my boots, you could just see a flash of them every now and then. A plain black wool top underneath and a gold chain finished off my autumnal ensemble!

Coat - Oxfam, Williams Street, Limerick
Leggings - Penneys
Boots - Penneys
Scarf - Monki