Mushroom Picking

Possibly the best Alice In Wonderland-esqu mushroom I've ever some across.

This was such a simple outfit, the hat and scarf are all that was needed to spruce it up. It's a casual grey t-shirt dress with the oversized blazer thrown over it and these adorable shoes. These shoes are new and were (of course, its me.) a complete bargain. They are a leeeeeeettle too small for me but I'll walk it off. (geddit?!) I couldn't leave them behind, I love they style, they look like back to school kids shoes. Honestly t-shirt dresses are one of my favourite items for Autumn; they are almost too easy to wear. On their own, with a cardigan, with another tshirt over them, with a jumper over them, with a coat, and they are great for layering because they're so light. I have a couple of them that I'm sure will be making me than one appearance here! Again with the tartan, but I can't not put it with almost every outfit! Especially an outfit like this which is begging for some colour and pattern.

Dress - H&M
Blazer - Vintage
Scarf and Hat - Penneys
Shoes - NoName