Red And Navy

I've had this skirt for ages but I've been waiting for a good outfit to style it with to post, and when I put this one all together I thought it was great! I love a good poloneck incase you hadn't noticed, and oh, whats that? More plaid? Yep. I originally thought to pair these with my white fur gilet but after my splurge I found this coat went with it so well. It really brightens it up and ties together all the colours. The skirt is great but its a little difficult to put tops with it for some reason; this polo neck is perfect for it though. This coat is so warm I can't tell you how much I love it! The colour and the cut and the shape and everything... I'm obsessed. Its great to throw over anything and it really makes the outfit. These are the new boots I mentioned a few posts ago; they are so comfortable and cool! I love the velvety touch to them. The heel is a great height too, it's a little lift but chunky enough to make them easy to walk in.

Coat - River Island
Skirt/Polo Neck - Primark
Shoes - Shoe Rack