The Bridge

We took these pictures on the Living Bridge in UL; it's so cool, it bounces when you walk over it! U.L is such a nice campus so I decided to take advantage of it and take some pictures there. This outfit to me sums up Autumn colours. I know its almost Winter and sometimes it feels like its already here but I'm still in the autumnal swing of things! These leggings are a great winey/burgundy colour, and are so think and comfy; I have them in a forest green colour too! I paired them with this great mustard top which though you cant see, is quite oversized with short sleevs, and also ridiculously comfortable. I'm a fan of all things feather, fur or fluff and this coat is perfect for me. The colour is so different, I don't have anything in my wardrobe like it and I love anything a little bit different. Its more of a coatigan than anything but great to throw on over a little shirt and pants for chilly days. I remembered this scarf which I haven't pulled out in ages and I realised it tied in all the colours perfectly; I love these little touches. This is one of my favourite bags of all time. I bargained my butt off for it on the strip when I lived in Santa Susanna in Spain and I never regretted it. It's such a great boho bag with the leather and the woven aztec on the front flap. I'm really into leopard footwear at the moment, when I was in Prague I saw a girl wearing amazing brown and leopard print boots and I've been lusting for some since! I managed to find these sweet little flats instead and they'll do me until I find my dream boots!

Coat - Swamp
Leggings/Shoes/Scarf/Chain - Penneys
Shirt - H&M
Bag - Santa Susanna Market