The Aran Jumper

I'm not guna lie, I'm a big fan of being the most comfy you can be - mostly for me this means leggings, boots and a baggy jumper, (always a winner) but it's nice to be comfy AND a little dressy too. I find an Aran/ Cable knit jumper to hit the mark right there. It can be worn in so many ways, and I feel like it really helps with getting into the festive season. The "real" Aran jumpers can be pretty pricey, but thank God for the high street where you can find them in abundance at this time of year. You can get pretty retro with them but, like this post, you can throw them on with jeans and boots and be comfortable AND stylish. This one is in white, and I also have a cream one but I'm working my way up to bigger and better things, and planning on adding some coloured ones too; a navy and a grey (yeah yeah not a shade but whatever) are on the list. These boots *le sigh* I love them. I've been lusting after the Timberland-esque boots since September and thank you Penneys for bringing them back! I love them so much, they look great with any casual outfit especially jeans and a woolly jumper. I'm well aware they won't last as long as the real deal but I think they'll do for just now, I'm a broke student guys! I love how well this scarf goes with the coat, don't be surprised if you see this combo again pretty soon as it's all I'm wearing these days!
Its exam time for me now, I've spent all day curcled up in a little ball of misery trying to cram things I don't even understand into my brain and I'll tell ya, I'm strugglin. But hey, six days until I'm finished, then my sister is home and Christmas really starts! Good luck to everyone like me in the exam hell hole situation!

Coat - River Island - still available in more great colours!
Jumper - H&M (similar)
Boots/ Scarf - Penneys (boots similar here and here)