Winter Walking

Just a really casual outfit that I wore for a walk along the river at the back of my house with my boyfriend. It was such a beautiful evening I couldn't resist. This is just a super comfy outfit for lazy days, leggings for lazy days forever. This sweater is still one of the best, so bright and comfortable. This coat is yet another of my finds in rogue places all over my house, it is ridiculously soft and incredibly warm and I love love love it, even more considering it was free! It's kind of similar to the teddy coats that are going around. The scarf was an added touch to bring the colours all in together, and I am such a fan of these boots, I finally found a pair of leopard print ones! Not the exact ones I was looking for but they're still so amazing for €11! The last few weeks of the semester are here and the work is catching up with me... Wish me luck! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Scarf/ Jumper - H&M
Coat - Vintage
Boots - Penneys