NYE Inspo 2

Happy New Years eve! Can't believe 2014 is already over... time flies when you're having fun amirite?! This is another post for last minute outfit planners who are struggling for a NYE outfit - it's really not that big of a deal! As usual I went for velvet, this beautiful reddy winey shade catches the light so nicely always.  A black low back top keeps the outfit quite simple so I loaded up with necklaces too. I needed a bandeau under the top to keep my modesty; I lost my black one so I had to go with a black and white one. You can't really see it though so it's ok I guess! This is a more casual look I guess, maybe for a house party or something. This handbag is amazing - originally from Topshop but I got it for 50 cent! Car boot sales are amazing things I'm tellin ya.  I paired it with my chunky boots and my softest shearling coat to ward off the chill. Hope every ody has a great (and safe!) night tonight, I'm in Prague deep in the snow having an amazing time!I'm excited to celebrate New Years in a different country with some new people and most importantly cheap alcohol and snow! :)

Top - Tobi
Skirt - Primark
Boots - New Look
Bag - Topshop/Thrifted
Crescent necklace - Moonchild