Happy New Year!!

And so the time has come for 2014 to pack up its bags and hit the road. The New Years resolutions start rolling in - gym membership goes up, cigarette sales go down, the usual. So I thought I'd do a little new years resolution post. It's just a quick one and I really don't have that many, some are more like wishes really, but here goes! 

1. Hit the gym. 
No really! I plan to have a serious bikini bod by the time beach season rolls around but it's pretty unlikely - I love bread too much. But I will be starting up the gym again because hey I got new Nikes for Christmas so it's a bit of motivation! 

2. Travel. 
I mean everyone wants to travel but I have the travel bug bad. I'm thinking about my summer and what I can do and where I can go. Even if it's just for one week or even less it's something to me. It could be Thailand or Paris or Birmingham for that matter; just being somewhere new gives me such a thrill. 

3. Grow as a Blogger. 
Of course this is an obvious one but it's still something I'll have to work at. Blogging is tough and takes a lot of time and work but if it's something you really like to do then it's worth it. If I'm still blogging by this time next year I'll be proud! 

4. Finish college. 
Yeah yeah another obvious one but hey it's kinda tough in final year! But it has to be done. Hopefully I'll be finished, passed and graduated this year and moving on to bigger and better things (this is where the travel bug kicks in.) 

5. Relax, and have fun. 
Huh? A New Years resolution to have fun? Wha? But yeah, sometimes I manage to stress myself out beyond belief and it is so unnecessary, it's not good for me or to everyone around me! So this year I'm going to try and take it easy and realise that not every little hiccup along the way is the end of the world. That would be a meteor hitting earth or you know global warming or something. 

So these are my silly little resolutions I'm guna try my best to stick to. What are yours? 

Here to 2014, it was great knowing ya! 2015 has some big shoes to fill but I think it's got it covered. Happy New Years everyone! And here's to the next 50!