Dark Days

I know I KNOW I look so incredibly pissed off her but it was so freakin cold and dark and miserable. It was snowing (but not nice snowing) and so windy and just too cold for me to even muster the energy to make a nice face! Plus I wasn't wearing socks. Dumb. Anyway, this is just a quick super casual outfit; I love the look of the little turtleneck under a plaid shirt. Casual but kind of grungey too which I love. High necked tops are so lovely, even if I don't have the longest neck I still love them! This grey one is great and such a bargain, even if it is cropped and I'd rather it wasn't but hey what can ya do! Again my ripped jeans, cut out boots and black backpack make a cameo because I can't live without them basically!

Turtleneck/ Shirt - Penneys
Jeans - New Look
Bag - River Island
Boots - Salt & Pepper