Makeup Monday! Naked Flushed - Streak

Woo second Makeup Monday! Some more Urban Decay because, you know, it's amazing and what not. After the massive success of the Naked eye shadow palettes of course UD are going to expand on that particular line and honestly well done because I love this palette. This is the first UD palette that I have had that's not been eyeshadow so it's a biggie for me! I find it really great, the highlighter is probably my favourite, it's such a beautiful kind of peachy gold I would say, and looks amazing on the skin. It's also really well proportioned, of course the bronzer you will use the most so it's the largest and the highlighter the least so it's the littlest! I'm not a massive bronzer user so I probably will end up going through everything else before I hit bottom on the bronzer but that's OK by me really! It's such a handy little palette to have if you're going anywhere rather than bringing three separate and it's a really nice size! I got Streak but there are about 3 others, Naked is the original and then Native and Strip are the other newer ones. Streak and Strip would be my favourites because the blushes aren't too pinky which doesn't suit me that well I don't think. I also got the double ended Flushed brush which is perfect of course for the palette. An angled brush is essential for blush and also I use it with the bronzer for contouring, while the flat side is great for patting the highlighter onto cheekbones and wherever else! All in all I can't say a bad word about UD products ever, and this is no exception!

Brush - here
Palette - here