Makeup Monday! Nars Terre de Feu

Yay woo new year new feature woo woo! I've decided I'll start up *drum roll please* Makeup Monday! Yeah, look, I'm and English student I'm not guna pass up a chance at alliteration am I? So for my first official Makeup Monday, I'm going for this Nars gem called Terre de Feu. I got this about a month or more ago and I'm obsessed with it. I wear it day and night; it's not too dark for daytime wear and perfect for a night out or a dinner. It's perfectly matte which I LOVE and a great berry colour which has been and will continue to be really big on the makeup circles. Nars Terre de Feu is from the Pure Matte range and that's exactly what it is. Stays on great for hours and has the coverage of lipliner without being so drying and flaky. I'm also a huge fan of the shape of the tube, thinner and longer and more streamlined I think. I wear this with a GOSH lip liner that's a perfect match and usually apply it right from the tube rather than with a brush. Sorry I don't have a better picture of it on but this is the best I could do! Also why are my glasses so wonky... I'd better check that out. I do love the pigmentation of this Nars lipstick and it's the only one I own. Until I've tried more I won't say that I'm now a total Nars devotee but I can definitely say I'd buy another one to try it out!
Hope you enjoy my first ever Makeup Monday!