Stone Cold Fox

Finally getting my posts up from Prague now, it's making me very very sad.  I thought I'd post this outfit first in remembrance of the snow we had last night until the rain came and washed it all away. I love anything fox related, there's something about foxes that I can't get enough of, in real life, in clothes and in jewellery - it must be the matching hair colour. I'd been looking for a fox sweater ever since I saw these (here and here) Wildfox sweaters. But the price tag was a little bit high for me, so when I found this one in H&M I didn't think twice about it! Before I found this sweater I got these ridiculously cute socks in Penneys and it was fate that I then found this. I also got this hat that same day, I love the fluff ball bobble on top! I added my faux fur collar to my plain black coat to liven it up a bit and tie in the colour scheme more. Ah I miss Prague and the snow so much! If you have snow wherever you are I hope you're having fun and making snowmen while I hide from the rain!

Jumper/Hat/Leggings - H&M
Faux Fur Collar - Shoe Rack
Socks/Boots - Penneys