Who doesn't remember that album by Black Eyed Peas?! I was shopping with a friend today and we came across the ultimate throwback collection of C.D.s and Elephunk was there... Oh the good old days! We needed a break from the super intense horrible building dread of the F.Y.P. Oh final year can you please just let us be? So for some stress relief we, of course, went shopping. What else could we do?!
This is (like usual with me) a super casual outfit that is perfect for a busy day or college. Super soft Topshop Leigh jeans are amazingly brilliantly comfortable; I'm newly obsessed with them. An incredibly soft and perfectly slouchy tshirt with a vintage bomber/sports jacket with the sleeves rolled up kept me comfy all day stuck in the library, while flat boots are great for running from one class to the next. I finished up the outfit with my NEW FAVOURITE THING: this bag. It has an ELEPHANT. It is possibly the most perfect thing I've ever purchased and I will love it forever as if it were my own real life elephant (much like I love my elephant teddy.) 

Bag - Parfois
Jeans - Topshop
Top - H&M
Boots - Penneys
Jacket - Vintage