Makeup Monday| Paul's Boutique Makeup

How cute are these! I spotted them in Superdrug and didn't even know Paul's Boutique had a makeup line! The neon colours had me hooked, these are just too pretty! The packaging is so eye catching and really appealing to people like me; the quality is really good too!
I picked up this eyelash curler because I don't have one, I never really use them but I know the difference it can make so I'm going to make sure I try and use it everyday to lengthen my lashes; it's so pretty I'll end up using it constantly! The rubbery pink handles are great and you get a spare rubber for the inside which is great for when it wears down. I got this blush brush because it's just SO BIG I don't have one this size at all; it's great because you just need one sweep and your blush is done! I also used it to slightly contour the sides of my face, it's a great size for this too. It's super soft and a nice size to hold. They're not the most expensive makeup products I've ever bought which was a bit surprising but still pretty good quality for what they cost; and I just love how they look!