Makeup Monday! Vichy Essentials

Alrighty! Sorry this post is a bit late but hey better late than never and it's still Monday so I don't feel all that bad...
I have used Vichy products for years and years now, and it's one range that I think I will continue to use. It started off with face wash and scrubs and moisturizer when I was in my teens; I had pretty bad skin back then and really though Vichy helped a lot. Then I had a misfortune incident when I was in college (we won't get into it but let's just say it involved alcohol.) that left me with a big ole scar on my left cheekbone; shout out to BioOil for getting rid of that! So I was pretty conscious of the scar, but THEN I found out about Vichys DermaBlend range. The corrective foundation has since changed my life. This is the foundation that can be used to cover up tattoos, it's pretty thick so I wouldn't actually use it on a daily basis and if I do I apply it very very thin; still I find this amazing. It can cover and spot, pimple or blemish and works wonders on scars; I use the concealer every single day under Vichy BB cream and the DermaBlend powder. The powder is great; it's completely translucent so I don't end up all different colours like I do sometimes with other powders! It's really great for setting any foundation or as I said over the BB cream for daily wear. The Idealia BB cream is sooooo gorgeous, it's got a little shimmer so its beautifully illuminating. It definitely does blur any blemishes and is really moisturizing, great for a throw on and out the door kind of day. The Aera Teint Pure liquid foundation is great, it goes on easily and not patchy and it's really really light, if you wear actual foundation every day I would go for this one; it still gives great coverage and a slightly dewy overall look. Vichy definitely is and will always be one of my favourites!