Khaki x Beige x Leopard

This is the outfit I wore last Sunday to the ITWBN event in Limerick. It's been a busy week so I didn't get to post anything; I finally handed in my thesis! The relief...!
Anyway, this outfit is just a cool casual look if you have something to go to where it's not too dressy but you want to look nice at the same time. Ripped black jeans are going to be my go to for any outfit for a long time, I still love them to bits. Of course I wore khaki, my new favourite colour, and I love this wrap over shape of the top, really nice and slouchy but again, quite dressy. My good old mac made a reappearance and these AMAZING boots finished off the colour scheme really well! 

Top - Penneys
Jeans/ Boots - New Look
Mac - H&m
Bag - Parfois