Makeup Monday| Leopard Print Nail Art

I'm living for khaki and leopard print lately, I think it is such a nice combo! It's kind of a theme in my outfits lately as you may have noticed too... so I decided to carry it over to my nails! I used to do nail art on myself constantly after I qualified as a technician but I've gotten a bit lazy recently, until now! It's so easy and they look so fancy! I used all GOSH nail varnishes to get this look as they make up the majority of my nail varnish bag, and the nail art kit from Penneys which is so great for the price! Here's a simple step by step guide to get these nails for yourself:

1. Paint a light coloured base coat all over you nails
2. Use the dotting tool with the next darkest colour on your accent nails - the thumb and ring finger
3. Around these, draw black lines around 3/4 of the way
4. Add some more little dots to fill up the empty spaces in the darker colours
5. On all the other nails, draw two diagonal lines on either side, and fill in up to the nail tip
6. Finally, finish off with a nice shiny topcoat

So simple! Let me know if you would like to see some more of these nail art step by steps with pictures, or even a video! Happy Monday everyone! :)