Green Fields

Scuse me tryna look cute with my duck face... didn't work so well.
Seeing as the week that I was in Prague wasn't particularly warm (it snowed) you'll be seeing this jacket quite a lot. Still one of my absolute favourite from that magical shop that is New Yorkers. This tshirt is also from there; it's a super soft kind of slouchy tee and of course its khaki, I couldn't leave without it. I think it works great with the white jeans (which are going to be another of my Prague staples, I wore them to death) and again this super cool body chain. This is literally my uniform these days, jeans, tshirt and flat shoes. I can't get out of it, I wear it to college every single day. So sorry if it gets a bit repetitive but it's the little things that makes this kind of simple outfit that bit more special, like the body chain, any kind of statement necklace, some great shoes or even a really good cardigan. I wore this for the Easter weekend when we went to my boyfriends chata (kind of like a holiday home in the country) so I was trying to be a bit casual but still cute and most importantly warm! I feel like this outfit is more fitting to the weather we're getting at the moment, in Kerry at least. A bit of sunshine but a lot more rain and wind than is acceptable I feel!

Jacket/ Tshirt - New Yorkers
Jeans - New Look
Shoes - Primark