Imagine | The Lennon Wall

So I'm back from Prague *sob* so I guess it's time to get back into a bit of a routine! Sorry for not blogging much, I took a little break but I'm back for good now! These pictures are from a little stroll around downtown Prague, we stopped off at the Lennon Wall which I love, it's so cool! Just graffiti and little notes and love letters all over the place. I've been twice and still haven't written anything! Next time though I'll come prepared with my Sharpie!
I'm all about the all white look for this S/S, it's so fresh and crisp. I'm finally embracing the white jeans now, it took me a while but since the sun made an appearance I gave them a go. I love this look, so casual but the all white look gives it a little kick. It wasn't quite warm enough yet to go without any layers so hence the cardigan and jacket! I love this body chain, its so old now and I haven't found one quite like it yet. I really like it to add a bit of contrast and hardware to the all white outfit. Next on my shopping list are some all white slip on shoes, I think they'll be so cute paired with little sun dresses in the summer too!
As you can see in the last pictures, my boyfriend got a little Xiaomi Yi camera (which is a bit like a GoPro) and I had SO MUCH fun with it for the week! It's so cool, and it even come with a selfie stick! Very very exciting, I can't wait to use it on our adventures this summer.

Jeans - New Look
Tshirt - Penneys (Mens)
Cardigan - Vintage
Jacket - NewYorkers
Shoes - Converse
Bag - Parfois