Makeup Monday | Summer Lips

Lipstick has had such a huge revamp over the last few years, I know when I was younger I never wore it, until about two years ago when I was constantly wearing it! The definition and polish it can add to a whole look is amazing, and there's nothing better than a good bold lip to make you feel great! Recently it's been all about the over lining (we won't go into the whole Kylie Jenner fiasco) and though I'll own up to my fair share of over lining - and I do like how it turns out - this summer is more about a natural looking lip. Get settled in, this is guna be a long one!

First up - ditch the over pointed liners. This summers lips are more blurred, not as harsh, not as hard edged as before. Pretty much, you want to look like you just had an intense kissing session with some exotic stranger on your summer holidays - I mean, isn't that what you were all getting from this look? No? Just me? Ok. Anyway, it's Smudgey McSmudgerson all the way this summer. What you need to do to achieve this is start in the centre of your lips and smudge the lipstick outwards, creating a really intense centre and a blurred edge, kind of like an ombre. Lip stains are also great for an imperfectly perfect lip, as they tend not to give such a hard edge as lipsticks would. Lips can be matte or extremely super super high gloss with this look.

Next up: colours. Click on the names for direct links!
Berry lips were all over the catwalk and it's no wonder why, they look amazing. Though personally I think this kind of colour is a little dark for summer I still do think it's going to be huge. Topshops lippies in Wicked and The Damned would be great for recreating these looks, while MAC's Rebel will also work great. Nars Satin Lipstick in Afghan Red would also work, while I find The Body Shops Lip and Cheek Velvet Stick in the Universal colour to work great for my pH level!
A bold red lip is going to look great with this smudgey, just been kissed style. In using more coral, orange toned reds and staying away from deep or bright reds it will be more summery. The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Velvet Stick in Poppy Coral would be good to get this colour, MAC's Lady Danger and 5 Alarm (applied lightly) could also work, or Illamasqua's Liable. Benefit's Bene Tint is perfect for this look! 
And finally, totally nudey lips. As in, your lips but better, or closer to your skin tone than your lip colour kind of lips. This really depends on your skin tone and colouring. For me, I'd need something super super pale and that would last me all summer cos God knows I won't be developing a tan. But if you're lucky enough to tan or already be dark, you'll need something more browney/beige than my extremely light creamy/pink colours. For all you pale girls out there (hollah) something like MAC's Shy Girl or Nars' Honolulu Honey or even The Body Shop's Velvet Stick in Poppy Nude could work. For those blessed with the sallower of skin, Nars' Blonde Venus could work or MAC'S Fresh Brew or Siss. 

So that's all for this Monday! Hope you enjoy and let me know if you try any of these looks or colours, or if there's anything else you would like me to do with regards to makeup or fashion! Thanks Cennet for suggesting this to me! :)