Spooky Eye Coloured Contact Lenses

I received these super cool coloured contact lenses from the lovely folk over at Spooky Eyes. I love coloured contact lenses, but these are so cool with little patterns on them! I received the Galaxy Green Contact Lenses and they remind me so much of Avatar, I'm not sure why... But I really like them. The colour is so nice and they make your eyes look ginourmous! I don't know if I'd wear these everyday, maybe if they didn't have the patterns and were a plain green (which I actually have had before, and brown lenses!) But the patterned ones - Spooky Eyes have loooads of really cool and bold choices - would be great for Halloween or Fancy Dress! Maybe for Anime or even to go as an Avatar! You could do some really cool makeup - I didn't have time to do anything extravagant and I kind of wanted to see how they would look for day to day wear, but now that I'm thinking all of these cool fancy dress ideas maybe I'll do a full makeup look with them in a while! Thanks again to Spooky Eyes for sending me the lenses!