MM | My Travel Essentials

So guys and girls I am off on my travels in a mere two days, so I thought I'd share my makeup and such like essentials for travelling! Seeing as I will be doing a bit of backpacking I didn't want to bring too much stuff to be lugging it around with me at all times, so here's my bare essentials!

A good moisturiser is a necessity to stop my skin drying out from the sun and heat, while this BB cream will serve as my makeup base rather than a heavy foundation. 
The best palette ever for travelling. It is the perfect size and has blusher, bronzer and highlighter. All you need in one!
Double ended brush for highlighting, contouring and blush.
Foundation/ Concealer brush for any blemishes.
Maxfactor pressed powder and this EcoTools brush to keep any shine at bay.
UGH I love this so much - cherry flavoured Revo lipbalm. Pretty much a dupe of EOS.

I always manage to get my scalp at the crease of my hair burnt when I wear it down and that is not fun, so this little stick of suncream should protect that! Also will just be carrying this in my bag to reapply to my face to make sure it doesn't burn.
My go-to mascara for the last four years! I love it and have gone through so many of these bad boys!
Eye shadow brushes in case I decide to get dolled up.

Not going to be too fussy about my brows as I've had them tinted, so this brow gel should just do for a bit of shape and extra colour.
Eyeshadow, again in case I decide to go all out some night!
The best concealer ever! I'll have a proper blog up about this one soon.
Typical girly must haves!