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How pretty is this place! Definitely my favourite place that we visited on our trip even though the day was such a scorcher and almost too warm. We got a boat trip from Valetta out to the Blue Lagoon (where the Count of Monte Cristo and Troy were filmed) at Comino which was organised for us at a travel agents in St Juliens - there are so many all over the island, so just shop around until you find the best deal for you! I think the trip took around an hour to get there which was a nice amount of time to sit out in the sunshine on the boat and get to see all along the coastline. The water is so insanely blue and transparent it is amazing! We bought extra tickets to go on a speedboat - my first time ever - which took us into the caves around the Blue Lagoon. It was a great thing to get to do, it was like being on a roller coaster! After the speedboat ride we were dropped back to shore to make our way down to the water - and here was the problem. Comino is not particularly sandy, so there's no where to lay out. You can rent out sun loungers and umbrellas but the problem is finding a place to put them! It is so jam packed there; we ended up sitting in a alcove kind of thing in the rock face and I tell you that rock is not comfy. However, directly across from this is the smaller island of Cominotto, which has a sandy beach BUT you have to walk/ swim all the way across to it. We saw a lot of people doing this (mainly boys who were tall enough to walk across and carry bags while keeping their heads above water) but we decided to stay put on our rock, and it wasn't until after that we realised you can get a little water taxi across. The water is beautiful to swim in as it is crystal clear; we rented snorkels and goggles and saw all the little fishies swimming around our feet. It was an awesome day out, if you're in Malta you have to visit the Blue Lagoon!
Hope you enjoyed this little travel feature, let me know if you liked it and I may do one on my trip to South East Asia which is coming up in a few days!