Travel | Manoel Island

One day, on the bus to Valetta I sat next to the loveliest little old lady who was really chatty, and as we passed this area called Manoel Island, she recommended us to go see it. So the very next day we hopped on the bus again and stopped off at Manoel Island. It's really small but so fun! You cross a tiny little bridge to get to the actual island and from here you can see marina which is full up with yachts. We ate in Paparazzi 29 which had the tastiest pasta, it was delicious! And so cute as the day we were there there was an 80th birthday party and also a communion, it seemed like a great place to take the whole family. After that we stopped off at the duck village which is the funniest thing I've ever seen, it's like a hippy village for ducks - with a few chickens thrown in for good measure! It wass such a surprising and random thing to see but really cool. There was also a funfair there at the time so we went and won a few prizes and went on a few rides which were scary af and left us all a bit queasy! I would definitely recommend this for maybe a half day out for people with young children and family holidays, but we had a great time too!

Playsuit - Penneys
Sandals - Penneys