MM | Morning Routine

So, these are the products I use in my daily morning face wash! I love a good scrub in the morning after a nights sleep, to rub off all the goop and oil that builds up overnight. I tend to switch between these two products, one every other day. The Nivea face wash is just great to freshen up in the morning and leaves my skin feeling so nice after, but I honestly love this Vichy three-in-one. Its a cleanser, scrub AND a mask - what more could want! I use the cleanser/scrub side of things in the morning, while I would use the mask every now and then after a shower - so my pores are good and open! I got this day cream at the ITWBN event in May and my God I love it! It is perfect to apply just before you do your makeup, it's a great base and SPF 15 - I always look for day creams and makeup with SPF in them as I'm so pale I burn in a matter of minutes!