Travel | Valetta

(Being harassed by a fan, standard)

Valetta is the capital of Malta, and like every thing else there, is so beautiful. We bussed there from St Julien's which was pretty easy and short, the buses in Malta are quite good and reliable (just keep an eye on your handbag and wallets). We hopped off the bus and walked through the huuuge gates into the city, and wandered into the Barrakka Gardens which are so pretty and have the most amazing view of all time. At twelve o clock every day they set off the canons from here which is pretty cool to see and hear. The big draw to Valetta is the huge cathedral they have there, St Johns Co-Cathedral. Its something like €3 or €4 to get in for students, and you have to wear a sarong to cover up when you get in there but it's worth it if you want a little bit of culture and history on your tour! I'm sure there is so much to do in Valetta but honestly, we only spent one day there and spent most of it just wandering around, which was pretty much all we had planned to do anyway! 

Tshirt - H&M
Shorts - Penneys
Shoes - Nike
Bag - Parfois