MM | Night Time Routine

Yep, here's me, right on that micellar water bandwagon. I actually heard about this a bit before all the hoopla from a friend who's a model, and had the micellar water used on her in between shoots, but somehow I ignored the holy grail hype until now. Dumb. But anyway, thank god I joined in on the trend, I don't know how I survived without it! I use this Garnier one (apparently much better than the Simple one but I can't comment as I haven't tried that one yet, have you?) every night to take off all my makeup, after using this brilliant eye make up remover to get all that mascara off. I really really love this stuff, I just need to splash my face with water after I use it (I'm not sure why I do this, it just feels right, you know....?!) and then apply my night cream, cos you know gotta tackle them wrinkles early. Oh vanity. So that's my pretty simple night time routine - eye makeup remove, micellar water and night cream! Easy Peasy!