MM | Sephora Mini Haul

I got these bad boys aaages ago, in April sometime but started using them right away so forgot to blog them. But here they are finally! I love Sephora, and theres one in literally every shopping centre in Prague so I have too much temptation to stay away. I also bought the mascara I showed in my Travel Essentials post which I live for and have been using since I bought my first on in America four years ago! It's seriously amazing. This concealer is also so so brilliant I use it literally everyday. It's so handy because of the two different sized ends, one for under eye circles and one for spots and blemishes, and in general just a really good concealer! The foundation great too, it's really soft if that makes sense, and therefore great for blending. I found the colour matches really great too which is though for me as I'm so pale! Annd finally this beaut of an eyeshadow palette in green/khaki colours which I went through a huuuuge phase of loving at the time but I'm still really into aswell. Come autumn time I'll definitely be using this palette more again!