Prague Fashion Market

Sneak at what I wore - I'll have a full post up soon

Last weekend I hit up the 13th Prague Fashion Market in Nákladové nádraží Žižkov which was the coolest location ever. It's an abandoned train station and the stalls were set up along the platforms, you could literally step down onto the train tracks! So so cool, and also really smart as it's then covered in case of the rain! We even got to dress up like a train conductor and passenger and get our picture taken! Outside was a food market with amazing smells coming from everywhere, with things ranging from barbecued meat to cakes to home made hummus. Amazing! The stalls were so cool, with all local Czech designers showing their wares from jewelry to handbags to clothing to fresh flower headbands and watches and glasses made of wood. I seriously fell in love with some handbags and t-shirts but I managed to contain myself (though I did take their cards for some future cheeky online shopping), all I bought was a gorgeous Maple Seed/Helicopter necklace from Intimity and the cutest pack of gum ever, and a freaking delicious glass of Pineapple Lemonade. This place was like heaven, I could have spent hours more there! There was music playing and even a bar, the whole area was decorated and arranged so nicely and it was such a good atmosphere as people were shopping, eating, drinking and lounging on the deck chairs. I've added the links below some of the pictures so you can check out some Czech designers, let me know what you think of their stuff or if you even end up buying some!