Coven - Zoe

Ahhhh American Horror Story. If you know me at all, you'll know I'm a total scaredy-cat, BUT for the love of witches, I gave AHS Coven a go. And I LOVED it, so so much. All the magical, witcheyness mixed up with your usual female bitchyness and tied up in a big creepy, gore-y bow. Yes please. Since I was watching this in the run up to Halloween it gave me some serious outfit inspiration, so I put together this look based on the above picture of Zoe. I love how these pictures came out, capturing some of the essence of AHS Coven and Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies. Can we please have a whole show with six seasons based just on Miss Robichaux's please?!

Hat/ Skirt/ Socks - Primark
Shirt - Vintage
Boots - ShoeRack
Belt - Vintage
(I didn't have any black ribbon so I used a shoe lace!)