The Craft

If you've seen my post on my favourite Halloween movies, then you'll have seen The Craft is on the list, if only for the amazing style in the movie. So seeing as it's coming up to Halloween and I'm feeling very festive of late (all but one of my posts from this October have been Halloween related. I'm a sucker for Holidays.) I decided to take some inspiration from the movie and get a little witchy. I didn't go for one specific look as such, but kind of a mix of all the girls - we have Bonnie's go to knee high socks, Nancys trademark super dark lips, Sarah's cute and casual oversized cardigan and Rochelle's white T, all with a 90's flair of course. This is also a super easy Halloween outfit if you went a little more hardcore 90's with some suspenders and chokers and a LOT of silver jewellery.

Tshirt/ Cardigan - Primark
Skirt - River Island (similar here)
Socks - H&M
Daisy choker/ Star necklace - Topshop
Crescent moon chain - Moonchild