Off the Rails

Happy Friday the 13th! Hope you're all having a lucky day and avoiding all ladders, mirrors, black cats and magpies!

These pics definitely got lost in the archive (#bloggerproblems), they're from my visit to the Prague Fashion Market back in mid September. But I'm still wearing this outfit and variations so I said it's still usable! I love this skirt so bleddy much, denim skirts are the bomb.com and I love the button down style which is all the rage these days. This day, I paired the skirt with a high neck, ribbed white tshirt for a kind of 90's feel, but I often pair this skirt with a chunky jumper, especially cropped ones - so cute. I wore some minimalist monk shoes and my trusty old checkered coat from last year which I still love and wear constantly! 
By the way, today's the day! I've probably just touched down in Dublin town as we speak (or, as you read) and I am so exciraaaa to be heading to lovely Listowel to see the fam and my little baby! So, have an amazing weekend, and see ya on the other side!

Top/Skirt/Shoes - Penneys
Jacket - New Look
Bag - Parfois
Belt - Vintage