Stripes x Leather

I love this top, I actually wear it so often as it's just so wearable for everyday or for something a little dressier. I really like the slit sides and high low aspect, you can trow a jumper on over it and I love how you can still see the little tail peeking out! I need to invest in a good black leather jacket (I robbed this one from my older sister, naturally) and I've been looking for ages but still haven't found the perfect one. Any suggestions?! I like this one but I'm not gone on the waterfall-ish neck that's going on here. 
Anyways, I miss my little baby Noah so much! I'm going home for four days this Friday and I am SO EXCITED! It's tough living away from home but I'm glad it's only a quick Ryanair flight and I'm back on home soil!

Jacket/ Jeans - New Look
Top - Primark
Shoes - Salt'n'Pepper