Mrs Claus

PS. How funny is my boyfriend? Not funny. Not funny at all.

 So, I have a confession to make. Up until recently, I was the kind of person who cringed anytime I saw someone in white jeans between the months of September to April. Like, I HATED it. Until I realised that actually white jeans in winter can be really good. Feels good to get that off my chest. So, I went ahead and put this very Christmassy but not overly festive outfit together and felt very Mrs Clause I must say. I think the brightness of the red jumper really made the outfit work, I'm not sure how a deep red would go with this idea but this colour worked well for what I was going for. A big chunky knit over skinny jeans is always a winner, and I'm still into my chunky stompers from last year. I added this super cute tartan bow that I got in Sweden for Saint Lucia as an extra festive touch, plus my Thomas Sabo charm bracelet with my little snowflake taking centre stage! I'll definitely be wearing my white jeans on the regular from now on, werkin dat winter white.

Jumper - H&M 
Jeans/ Boots - New Look
Bracelet - Thomas Sabo