Written in the Stars

So first of all let me apologise for the ATROCIOUS quality of these pictures. The sun was setting much faster than we anticipated and though the pictures looked semi decent on my old crock of a camera, when I put them on my laptop this is the mess I was left with - and I didn't have enough time to reshoot before I jetted off home. So I'm sorry, but this is as good as it gets. Though I'm pretty pissed because I love this outfit! So anyway, I wanted to get these pictures on the blog in time for today because it is my BIRTHDAYYYY! And I thought a Sagittarius tshirt would be very appropriate for today's post. I've been pretty obsessed with anything even slightly moon/sun/star/tarot/astrology/astronomy related lately so this tshirt was like a (much cheaper) godsend! And it is just so freaking soft too, this material is the bomb.com. It's so awesome because it has all the starsigns and their symbols AND constellations, and some moons and ah just general lovely niceness that I greatly appreciate. And of course Sagittarius is the most prominent sign, because, you know, we're amazing. (It also has Aquarius and Gemini in larger writing but whatever Sagittarius forever yo.)


Tshirt - H&M
Skirt/Hat - Primark
Boots - Lamoda
Crescent Moon Chain - ShopMoonchild