The Christmas Tag!

1. What is your favourite Christmas movie/s?

Hmm... tough one. Elf is definitely wayyy up there, obviously The Santa Clause because it just makes me feel like a kid again. Love Actually 100% is the best movie to watch at Christmas time, and the Holiday is another super romantic Christmas time movie. And, White Christmas; an oldie but a serious goodie. Oh and the Grinch what am I thinking! Ok I've got to stop here this list could be endless. But also basically any Disney movies ok I'm done now I promise.

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

Weeeeell... in my family we have a little tradition of having a little sneak peek on Christmas eve, so just before we go off to bed we each open one present each - just to get into the spirit!

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

I don't have any memories as such, just feelings I guess? I don't know if that makes much sense? Of course some Christmases have been better than others, but just that feeling of cozy Christmas-ness, and every one all at home and the decorations up and the fires lit - every memory is my favourite I guess!

4. Favourite Christmas food?

Of course I love the big Christmas dinner with the turkey and the ham and the roasties and all that but what I love most at Christmas is cheese, crackers and pate. Another little tradition I guess, in the evenings we bring a big tray filled with these tasty treats and tea into the living room and eat them beside the fire. I guess this could be considered a fave memory even though we do it pretty much every single year!

5. Favourite Christmas gift

Honestly I couldn't say! But I have a feeling that this Christmas I'll be getting a gift which will be a strong contender! 

6. Favourite Christmas scent

Mmmmmm anything like spiced apple and cinnamon and oranges with cloves stuck in them and mulled wine - all of these combined is the perfect Christmas scent!

7. Have you any Christmas Eve traditions?

I think we can return to number 2 for the answer for this one!

8. What tops your tree?

A big golden star which we have had in our family for years and years and years - I don't remember ever topping the tree with anything else!

9. As a kid, what was the one extravagant gift you asked for, but never got?

I'm pretty sure for about three consecutive years I asked for a puppy on my list to Santa - which I tried to pass off as some kind of teddy to my parents but I knew Santa would know the real deal. Needless to say I never got my puppy!

10. What's the best part of Christmas for you?

Cheesy it may be, but I just love being at home with the fam bam for Christmas. This year both me and my sister are living in different countries (one of which is SUPER far away) so it's going to be an even more special Christmas this year!

Thanks to Aoife from Fairly Fabulous for the tag, and I tag Rebecca from Bexeyy Beauty, Edel from Nelly Says and Aisling from Pale Girl
Thanks for reading! :)