Pop Of Colour

What a curious little nugget I look like in that last photo...I've just noticed recently that I pretty much live in a combination of three colours - black, white and red. But hey, it's not a bad combo so let's just run with it.
Now, let me introduce you to my new babies - Baby Don't Lie thigh high boots from Lamoda. Dreeeeeeeam. I've been lusting after these for so long so a couple of weeks ago I had a yolo moment and just bought the damn things and I love them to bits! I love them combined with this aline mini skirt (another of my big loves this winter, I cannot stop wearing this shape of skirt, I have three now and wear them constantly) and striped tee - I felt slightly like a super stylish French girl while strolling around town in this outfit (but only slightly). I did wear some over the knee socks under my boots this day because it was insanely cold, even though the weather has warmed up a bit these last few days and it feels like Prague is experiencing a second Autumn - not complaining. I've had this coat since last year and I still love it just as much - since I do wear black so much I like the pop of colour it brings to the outfit and its just so darned soft. Topped it all off with this suuuuuuper soft and cosy houndstooth scarf and woolly bobble hat.

Coat - River Island
Boots - Lamoda
Socks - H&M
Tshirt - Reserved
Skirt/Scarf/Hat/Bag - Penneys