Little Floof

This coat appeared in my fashion daydreams quite frequently before the Christmas holidays so imagine my absolute delight when I got back to Prague and found my bby on sale for 1100CZK less than before - so basically from €55 to €15. Not baaaad! Plus, just after I purchased this floof, Kendall and Gigi were spotted in basically the same thing - totally taking after me obvs. Unfoooortunately the weather here has taken a turn for the BALTIC so it's not that wearable now, but I'll be ready for the cooler Spring days in this beaut! I kept my outfit casual and low key but would love to try out an all white palette like Gigi at some point too! Also - my bag. That is all. Prepare for the turtle necks to appear in basically all of the next few blogs - I'm living in them lately to try combat the insane cold over here. By the way why do I look so tired and grumpy in the first few pictures?! I don't usually! And those bags under my eyes, they are definitely NOT Chanel.

Coat - H&M
Jeans - Topshop
Boots - Primark
Turtle Neck - New Yorker