Monday Musings

What I'm loving lately!

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Obsessing over the long bob lately - the Lob is the way to go, especially since my hair is in a sh*t at the moment anyway; it could do with a chop.

Super into Bob Dylan at the moment - all thanks to my Dad, I think he must be one of his favourite artists. He has a CD box set kind of thing in the car which I really appreciated while I was at home!

Craving the beach these days - the Philippines and Dubai are hot contenders for most dreamed of beaches.

After (FINALLY) watching Sicario during the week I found myself hooked on all things Cartel related, so the next obvious step was Narcos and I was hooked. Cue major bingeing over the weekend leading into the coming week and I ain't even mad.

When am I not obsessing over the Olsens?

Really getting back into the whole vintage/ thrifted side of shopping and styling these days. 100% need to do some kind of a round up of the thrift shops here in Prague - once I visit them all.

Another no-brainer. Much like the Olsens, Luanna from LE-HAPPY is my forever inspiration.

Somewhat last-minute-still-not-even-sure-because-we-have-nothing-booked-but-remaining-hopeful trip to Berlin is in the planning stages at the moment. Would love to see this amazing city of culture ASAP thanks.

Since starting up at an art class I've become obsessed with trawling through websites, blogs and Instagrams of fashion illustrators. It's becoming an issue.

Stumbled across this amazing Instagram feed and was instantly hooked. Cleo Wade is a poet, artist and all round amazing being. I would highly recommend checking her shiz out. 

Since getting my new baby for Christmas - Pentax K50 - I'm trying to up my photography skillz. Any advice is greatly welcomed!

Hope you guys liked this post, just something new I thought I'd try out. Let me know if you enjoyed it!