Winter White Out

Oh hey there January blues, haven't seen you in about a year. Yep it's that time again, back to work, school, college - cold hard reality really. I do not appreciate it. 
I do, however, appreciate this white mock neck jumper. It's a dreeeam it is so comfy and warm and super soft and a great length to throw on over leggings and not worry about leggings not being actual pants and exposing all your junk. I've been really feeling all white ensembles this winter and when I saw this top I knew it was perfect. Now I know this isn't "technically" all white, but it's definitely a lot more than I would wear usually. Plus I actually really really love wearing big scarves like this lately - like little hoods - but my boyfriend says I look like and old Granny. But who doesn't love their Granny?! So basically I'm winning.  Since I got Adidas Superstars at Christmas I think I'll be wearing this combo again as it would look so perfect with them! Hope the first Monday of 2016 is went A-Okay for everyone!

Top/Scarf - H&M
Jeans - New Look
Shoes - Nike Air Safari