Berlin Travel Diary - Day Three

This is the street where we stayed - Wielandstra├če. It's a lovely quiet street with loads of restaurants and bars around, and actually really close to the centre - we walked into town one day and it didn't take toooooo long. We stayed in the Hotel Ingeborg which was perfect for what we needed - pretty central, pretty cheap, and with a huge spread every morning for breakfast! 

We went from our hotel to the Charlottenburg Palace. It was so pretty and such a nice walk up to it! The tour was pretty expensive so we didn't get to go inside which was a pity, the gardens look super pretty. 

Our next stop on our last day in Berlin was the Berlin Wall Memorial which was also amazing. It's one Bernauer Strasse which is one street that was literally split in half by the wall. As you walk along the remnants of the wall you can see all of the escape tunnels marked on the ground like above. So crazy. The memorial is great with loads of information about the wall and about the people who were affected by it.  

We then walked from the memorial to the Mauerpark which was amaaaazing, this huge flea market with hundreds of stands ranging from total junk to perfect vintage pieces, even small start up companies selling their wares. It's basically where I would spend every weekend if I lived in Berlin. I was obsessed - a point highlighted by the fact I took literally zero photos there because I was too busy running from stall to stall. On the way back we ate at the OST-WEST-CAFE which was soooo tasty - their burgers are the sh*t.

Our final stop on our weekend in Berlin was a walk along the East Side Gallery - the longest part of the wall which is completely covered in murals and graffiti. It was really something else to see this huge chunk of the wall made completely into art. Definitely a must see in Berlin.

And there we have it! Pretty much a photo diary of our time in Berlin. It's such an amazing city and I would definitely love to go back there. Hope you enjoyed this little trilogy, let me know in the comments if you've ever been to Berlin, what your favourite part was or if you have any questions!