Draw Planet Fashion Illustration Course

Some of you may know I attended a ten week fashion illustration course in Draw Planet in Prague. It was ten weeks of hard work but I loved it! I was really into drawing and painting when I was younger so it was great to get back into it. The teacher, Irina, owner and designer at Landkay, was brilliant. She really knows her stuff about the fashion world and her work is mind blowing. Everyone working at Draw Planet is so nice, and the studio is such a lovely space to spend time in. We learned how to draw figures, then faces, then how to shade the folds and pleats in fabric, and of course water colour, which btw is frickin hard! Aside from all this, we also learned about fashion forecasting, and how the big brands come up with their ideas for the coming season - which was so interesting to me! And for our final class we designed, drew, and painted our own design. It was definitely worth it and I'd recommend it to anyone in Prague! New classes star on the 2nd and 3rd of March so hop to it if you're interested!