Fantastic Five! Highlighters

Who isn't all about that highlighter life lately? They're coming out of the woodwork like no ones business and we are lapping them up! I find if I go without highlighter my face looks like it has zero dimensions, same as it does without and contour or bronzer! These are the five highlighters I use on a daily basis and love to bits! I mix Benefits Girl Meets Pearl with my foundation for a dewy glow, while I use the Maxfactor CC Highlighter to highlight under my brows. I sometimes use all three powder highlighters together to get that "highlighter brighter than my future" kind of glow. The Naked Flushed is a more rose gold kind of glow while the Get Gorgeous one is a perfect white light glow. The Naked Illuminated is definitely for the brave - it is pure glitter. I'll add a tiny sweep of this over everything just to get a subtle glow, and use it over matte eyeshadow if I want a bit of a sparkle!