Snowed In

This was so much fun to shoot - I had two photographers snapping away at the same time! I felt v glam altogether. 
I loved wearing this outfit in the snow, I blended in (as I tend to do a lot actually) and loved the grey with the white jeans. Plus super comfy and warm! Minus the frostbit on my toes because Superstars are NOT suitable footwear for -6 degrees. You'd think I would have realised that before I left the house but you know pain is beauty and freezing is fashion apparently. I've had this jacket for yonks but I swear it's the best thing I've ever bough, and I wear it constantly and can see it being my go-to for a good few years! Very ACNE-esque no?! Hope you guys have a great weekend! :)

Jeans - New Look
Coat - Similar here and here 
Turtle Neck - Similar here
Stone chain - Youghal Beach Stones
Tooth chain - Similar here 
Rings - Similar here
Superstars - Asos