If you know me at all, (or have read this post) you'll know that mascara is 100% the one thing I can't leave the house without. Because of my super fair colouring, my eyelashes (and eyebrows) are basically blonde and practically transparent, as you can see in the fourth and fifth photos. I never wear fake eyelashes ever, ever, so I love to find a good mascara or mascara primer to give my naturally longish lashes a bit of a lift. Another non-secret of mine is that I am UD 'til I die. So what was I going to do as I wandered into the Urban Decay counter? Go for Subversion. And I have to say it's pretty amazing. I had a MAC mascara primer a couple of years ago and loved it, and of course the double sided versions a couple of drug store brands came out with but Subversion is probably my favourite. It really adds length and a good bit of volume to my lashes and its just so much easier than all this fake eyelashes hassle! I would definitely recommend this if you're a low maintenance girl looking for some high maintenance-looking lashes. PS sorry for my complete lack of posting last week - it was a pretty busy one but I'm back in business now!