Check Mate

My last post from the winter wonderland of Prague! All the snow is gone and it's actually pretty warm these days - which is a welcome change, but I seriously miss the snow already. *Edit* I wrote this post yesterday and lo and behold wasn't it snowing like mad when I woke up this morning!
Anywhoooo, I got this lovely cape/poncho type situation at Christmas and it is sooooo soft, and of course the colours are perfect - considering I live in grey, white, and black. It's kind of asymmetrical really which makes it nice and different and I love the fringing of course. It's really nice and suuuuper cosy, but I was only wearing a knit polo neck underneath so I was freeeezing, will definitely be investing in a new leather jacket to layer underneath this which I think would look so great together. The rest of the look is pretty simple - black knit polo, black mini skirt, black boots (which I fricking love still) and  a little black crossbody bag. And of course, my usual silver rings, plus this super cute maple helicopter necklace which I mentioned in this post way back in September! Make sure you check out the shop - linked below - they have the most beautiful geometric fox brooch I'm dying for! So cute to pin on a leather or denim jacket. Hope you guys are having a great week!

Poncho - The Arcade Midleton
Polo - New Yorker
Boots - Penneys
Bag - C&A