Jurassicar Park

First - excuse the hair. Major bad hair day that literally nothing could solve, so hun bun it was. Second, THESE JEANS. The new love of my life. I live in black jeans (incase you didn't know) and with literally three of them falling apart in the last few months, I knew it was time to invest and these are the result. I freakin love them. And finally, THIS TSHIRT. I love Jurassic Park. Like i LOVE it. I've seen them all about a million times and nearly died when I heard there was going to be a Jurassic World. I don't know what it is about it, but it's the one franchise where I hope they never ever stop making movies ever. Ever. Also, it's now bomber season so I pulled this thrifted one out again as it's that bit warmer outside these days (yay!) and got my cons back on. They are not in the least bit warm, so I do tend to save them for the S/S seasons. 
(ps I hope you got the name. It's funny, cos I was in a carpark. Like a Jurassic-Car-Park... Nevermind.)

Tshirt - Ebay (similar)
Jeans - Reserved
Bomber - Thrifted (similar)
Shoes - Converse